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View patterns generated by Pepakura Designer
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Open patterns created by Pepakura Designer with Silhouette CAMEO. Also, you can cut patterns generated by Designer. Even though you can not create new original 3D models, it converts them to a 2D printable format.

Pepakura Viewer is a dedicated tool that opens files created with Pepakura Designer, an application to design paper craft models from 3D data. This free viewer shows you both the 3-dimensional finished model and each of the 2D parts you need to assemble the whole project. With this tool, you can print out all the necessary sheets containing all the pieces you need to build your model.

Pepakura Viewer only supports PDO files generated with the Pepakura design software, though you do not need to have the parent software installed in your system to enjoy and use this useful tool. It offers you a simultaneous view of the finished model in 3D, and each of the parts needed to build it in the original two-dimensional design. The viewer offers you different display options, according to the amount of information you may need to correctly build the paper craft model. You can turn the page numbers on and off, as well as names of the parts. By moving your mouse over each part, you can also see how it relates to the other parts in the model, the exact place where it needs to be placed, and even the way it should be folded to fit into the overall design. Besides, when you select a part, it is automatically highlighted in the 3D model. Likewise, if you click on a part of the 3D image, it appears highlighted on the corresponding sheet.

You can rotate the 3D model at any time just by clicking and dragging the figure to the desired position.

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  • As an "interactive instructions manual", it simplifies building complicated 3D paper craft models


  • Its lack of zooming capabilities makes it harder to locate small parts in the 3D model
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